F*ck It Decal




Decal is 5″ x 5″, White Text/Image on transparent background, highly durable 6-Year material. Whatever you place the decal on (tinted window, etc..) will be the background color.

Surface Prep Best Practices:

  • Prepare the surface by cleaning with rubbing alcohol.
  • The surface needs to be clean, smooth, oil, dust and wax free.
  • If there are any chemicals applied to window like Rain-x you would need to wait a couple weeks for the chemical to be completely gone. Same goes if you have just recently waxed your car.

Installation Best Practices:

  • Place decal face down on surface where you wish to place it, starting from one side of the decal use a credit card with even pressure and slide across the surface slowly.
  • Slowly and CAREFULLY peel the backing while keeping the transfer tape as flat as possible.
  • If part of the decal does not come off the backing paper while peeling go over that area with a credit card again.
  • Please take your time doing this. It may take a few attempts to get the vinyl to release from the backing paper.